TREAD (Occupy Wall Street Remix)

by MeccaGodZilla & thekeenone

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Originally a hidden track on Cypress Hill member Eric Bobo’s “Meeting of the Minds Vol. 1″, “Tread” is now remixed “Occupy Wall Street” style to inspire citizens globally who are all doing their best to stay afloat these days. The original version, produced by MeccaGodZilla features Eric Bobo on percussion and thekeenone on vocals.
NOTE: This remix is MeccaGodZilla & thekeenone only.


how many prescriptions can fit up in this system

tryin’ to find a balance in between enlightenment and madness

the tragedy is beautiful

what would jesus do if he was stuck up in this cubicle

the animal in me is getting anxious

gotta make a change soon

make a list of “thank you’s”

for when i’m on the television

runnin’ through the bank you

better believe i’m leavin’ with a couple g’s

doin’ this for steady b

and every nigga that ever figured they didn’t have a choice

a collective yell so i’m collectin’ from all the tellers

i’m tellin them they better not be pushin any buttons

i’m passed the point of reasoning the pigs ain’t doin nothin

cause i got nothin’ to live for

money is a mystery

family is dyin

and i’m swimmin in the misery

all the television shows is niggas drinkin hennesy

i can count on 3 fingers who has been a friend to me

2 of them are long gone livin on the other side

1 of them is in the mirror starin’ with the wild eyes

anchor man workin’ hard tryin to make his point

he don’t understand about a person’s mental breaking point

i feel like i’m in the ocean treadin water

and no matter what i do i start to sink a litter farther

i never thought that i would put the steel in my hand

aim it at a man’s head and ask him for 11 grand

but when you look around and don’t see many options

doesn’t seem to matter you’re surrounded by the cops and

screamin all these orders tellin you to drop your weapon

sayin that they’ll kill you if you take another step

and it doesn’t seem to matter if we make it out or not

even though the pigs were yellin my weapon was never dropped and

i can think of somethin that’s better than bein caught

all my worries go away when i let the bullet pop


released October 5, 2011
vocals: thekeenone
produced by: MeccaGodZilla





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